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Science writing for laypeople

As a freelance science writer, I write reviews for lay people of scientific developments in biology and genetics. I have a long professional life's experience in the world of molecular biology and the new genetics. Having followed gene technology since its birth, I have become familiar with wide areas of modern biology including cloning and stem cell research.

Why I want to write easy science texts

Scientific papers are notoriously difficult to read, and is my conviction that it is important for people in general to increase their understanding of biological and medical subjects. It is important since:

Assistance to scientists with writing tasks

Are you a busy scientist who can use help writing a scientific paper? If you give me a crude version, I will write it in the style of the journal you have selected.

Olle Karlström
Erik Dahlbergs gata 42
S-254 40 Helsingborg
Phone: +46-42 12 18 82


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