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Human translation of technical and scientific texts:

I translate manuals, brochures, web pages, and other texts with technical or medical content. Languages: Swedish, Danish, and English.
Having authored many papers during a number of years in science, I have become very accustomed to scientific texts in English. During my life within science and teaching, I have also acquired thorough knowledge of life and conditions in Denmark and in the USA, which is important in working with translations.
My native language is Swedish, so I normally translate into Swedish. I have translated large amounts of teaching materials from Danish into Swedish; I have also translated both teaching manuals and scientific texts from English into Swedish.
Within the scientific area that I am particularly familiar with, I have also translated from Swedish or Danish into English.


I write about science for lay people. Gene technology, the new genetics, biotechnology, molecular biology, and microbiology are my central topics with particular interest in the medical aspects of the new developments.

Easy science:

The list shows the way to high-class educational sites that can be used as a first introduction to selected scientific subjects.

Short answers:

I will collect some very short answers to questions I have got about biological problems. Often such questions merit long discussions, which include ethical aspects. Here the answers will focus on accepted theories and established facts. The lay reader should be as suited as the expert to consider the ethical implications, given these facts as a starting point.


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