Science translator's CV for Olle Karlström, Dr. tech.

Contact information

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Languages translated:


Science, medicine, technology, manuals, and web pages

Linguistic background:

Swedish: Mother tongue
English: Working stays (postdoctoral year etc.) in USA; English as the important working language in laboratories with English-speaking fellow workers during more than 40 years within molecular biology. Almost daily reading of research literature in English. Written more than 30 scientific papers in English.
Danish: Worked for 29 years at Copenhagen University as a teacher and researcher.

Other background and characteristics:

Programming: HTML with css.
A general interest in languages: A word nerd with a passion for looking up words in the big, fat unabridged Webster or other members of my collection of dictionaries or encyclopedias. Love my thesaurus. (Plus a basis of good school grades in Swedish, English, German, and French; have taken classes in several languages during leisure time)

Formal academic qualifications:

2004-2007 internet-based university courses

One semester is half a year



Technical equipment:

Macintosh- and Windows Vista-computers with Microsoft Office including 2011, WordFast Pro, Trados, Wordfinder with technical dictionaries; Adobe Creative suite 5, Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.
Supporting equipment: Scanner with OmniPageScansoft to produce text files from paper documents or from pdf-files.

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